[v7 General Discussion] The New beta 7

Version 7 looks great, I would like to try it in our worship service to fully test it but as it displays the Easyworship logo this will not be possible. I'm assuming that this is therefore an upgrade to EW6 and not just feature improvements. Does this mean that EW6 is now considered to be completed and final and we will have to pay to upgrade to EW7?

If you have a registered copy of EW 6, 7 should not show the watermark. Click on help and register products and let me know what it says on that screen.
We will release 6.7.9 as a final build for 6 at some point. I don't have a date for that yet.
Using it right now live in our church service. All OK.
Thanks Rodger, it was coming up with our church's previous name so didn't accept the password but I've changed it to reflect the correct name and now it has removed the logo. I'll install it in our church PC tomorrow and test it out.
Got easyworship7 on my computer to go to 7 from 6 what will be the cost of 7 !!!