Parts of song slides disappearing in EW6

I prepare the presentation during the week, copy it to a shared drive and then preview it on Friday to make sure it will fit the format on our auditorium screen. Occasionally, everything will look fine on Friday, but on Sunday during the service, some of the slides have mysteriously disappeared. Has anyone else experienced this and, if so, have you found what is causing it and what to do to prevent it? I have attached a pdf of the difference over the weekend.


We have had a couple of reports of this but we have been unable to replicate this issue. Was your database converted from an older version of EasyWorship?  Do you create Schedules from scratch or are you using older schedules and editing them?

We did convert from an old database, but that was several years ago. I create the schedules new each week. We are using the songs that are stored in EW, but edit them to fit the verses that our music director has selected, scripture is pulled from the database (NIV1984) and I create the sermon presentation in PPT and import it. We have also experienced some of the slides disappearing from the PPT.

If you close and reopen the schedule, the slides are still missing? Are your schedules saved on the hard drive or are they saved on a network or external drive or cloud?

I save to the hard drive on my office computer (backed up in OneDrive) while working on them, after they are ready, I copy to a shared drive to use on the auditorium computer. After I have made any corrections in the shared drive file, I copy it to the desktop in the auditorium for projection.

The slides that disappear do not come back. They are still on the original file saved on my office computer.

Could you please create a support ticket and attach the original schedule file with all the slides and the schedule file that is missing slides and one of our support techs can take a look at it. They will also be able to communicate with you through the support ticket about the issue. Maybe if they have the schedule files they will be able to recreate it so we can notify our developers of the issue.

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