Easy worship locking up

EW seems to locking up fairly frequent after updating to Is there a way to uninstall or rollback to a previous version?

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hi Folks, did anyone got any good update on this? I'm running EW 7.2 and 7.3 in a VM locally on an hyper-V 2008R2 with an i3 CPU without any issues. When I now make an VM on Azure public with even more GB ram, higher virtual CPU, faster SSD for both 7.3/7.2 the GUI from EW7.x is frozen right at startup. Would anyone have any suggestion how to troubleshoot this? Even MSFT O365 teamhas been involved and they claim its poor designed SW as such a SW should not luck up just when you start it without starting to use it (like doing a broadcast/start live / make a schedule)  I'm trying to understand what kind of settings I can enable on the EW7.x SW to enable the debugging. 

Our use case is simple: we have O365 free credits for Azure as part of our non-profit status. So why should we leave a PC in our church on  all the time and consume energy just for making a schedule. 

If anyonone is interested in a more private review or interested how to get this O365 non-profit then feel free to send me a private message.

If all you need to use this for is to create a schedule in EW you can install EW on as many computers as needed to do that. If you don't have a site license you can still install it on other users computers and not register it. It will show a watermark on the screen that will not be embedded into the file so it will display properly on the projection system. You can then create a schedule, use the save schedule as to save it to a flash drive or cloud storage. Be sure to check the "Pack files when saving" box in the save dialog so all media so any backgrounds, images, audio, or video files are saved as well. When you get to the Church prior to service download or copy the schedule file to the projection computer and open it there. It should appear just as it was on the computer you used to create it.

You can use the "Check Schedule for Changes" option to import all of the media, presentations, songs, etc. to the projection computers EW Library/Resources so they will be available on that computer in the future. See the link below for more information on that.


Hi Donal, thanks and good suggestions however for users that are on Macs not really an option we have users that don't like to have the whole EW7 suite and profile on their local PC and they struggle to keep the profile and databases all in sync. that is why we have been using the HyperV server till date with great pleasure as it works very smooth for the last years; the cloud is the future so this is where we are moving to

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