Print song list including ALL fields / Export song list including ALL fields to CSV file

I want to export the EW song list database to a CSV file.  The tool EW provides under "File/Reports and Printing/Save Song List Report" does not export all fields. It only exports "Title" and "Author" missing "Song Number", "Copyright" and "Administrator".

I cannot find a way to export the entire EW database fields as listed above. Is there a way to do that?

Why do I want do this?  I'm trying to do an audit of our songs and want to add my own fields to the external spreadsheet or database.   I can also sort by more than one field at a time easiest example being Excel.

How to do this?  Could you please update the Reports feature to be able to allow a person to select fields to print/export including ALL fields.  Also changing the field order for print / export would be useful.

Thanks for your help

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