NDI HX2 support

Currently I've been trialing EW7 with NDI. We are using an app in iPhone for doing candid shots and over wireless the NDI HX can get pretty bandwidth intensive at times and we end up with dropped packets. In a recent update to the NDICam software they now have option for NDI HX2 and selecting the bitrate. It has been working great in our testing with vmix.I tried using NDI HX2 on EW7 and it comes up with an error message about needing the correct SDK. Would like to see NDI HX2 implemented if all possible.Thanks!

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I have just requested NDI-HX or NDO-HX2 as options in the NDI stream output so EW7 can use UDP with forward error correction (FEC) if available to reduce bandwidth usage and retrsnsmissions.

I appreciate that it is not what Newtek came up with first, as original NDI is TCP based.

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