Advanced search results

Some suggestions to greatly improve the search usability and to reduce the time needed for the user to find certain songs

Highlight search words throughout the results list

Group and Sort the search result list (show most relevant hits first)

  1. Group by Title matches
    a. Sort alphabetically but then move to the top of the list:
        I. Title matches at the beginning (Ignore prefix words like "The" for the sorting)
        II. followed by full phrase matches
        III. followed by the rest of the Title matches later in the title string
  2. Group by Author matches
    Sort alphabetically
  3. Group by Lyrics matches
    Sort by song title alphabetically but then move to the top of the list:
    full phrase matches
        II. matches in the same lyrics line
        III. rests of the lyrics matches

Make the groups collapsable

In the search edit box show the number of search hits grayed out in braces while typing

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Also, can wild cards be used?  E.g. "%" or "*" much like searching file names.

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