License number display & other topics

• List the license number in the inspector with a box that can be checked or unchecked whether or not to display it. Public domain songs don’t need the license number displayed. And not all songs are covered by CCLI.


• Some songs are under a different license. Maybe list each license in inspector and choose which one is displayed for a given song.


• Author and copyright can each take two lines if necessary. Everything doesn’t have to be crammed into one line.


• Have a way to turn off proportional resizing of an image so the whole picture fits into the display area.


• Why do all images need to be placed into the database before use? Could they be directly imported from other folders/drives on the computer?


• Maybe offer a choice of whether or not to display the name of the song at the top of each slide. And, if the title’s at the top, it doesn’t have to be displayed at the bottom with the author. (I add a text box with title to every slide so people know what song we’re singing.)


• Include the option of adding some transitional effects for text and images as they appear (like in PowerPoint)… like float down or float up.

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