Import items from an other schedule.

I'd like to me able to import one or more specific 'songs' / items from an other .ewsx schedule.

Sometimes you adjust a song for for a specific service but you don't want that adjustment saved in the library of songs so you just make the change in the schedule you're working on. When you start a new schedule you sometimes want to copy a song/item from an earlier schedule. Now you can only do this by adding the song/item to the collections (but that is not what you want you have to remove it manually afterwards. (You want to keep the 'database' clean.)

I would like to select the function 'Import from schedule' while working on another schedule. It would open a dialog showing the outlines of the schedule, you select the item you want to import and then Easyworship inserts that item in the schedule your were working on. 

Something to think about.?

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