Attached is a bible translated in my language. I was wondering if I can get it in an ewb or easy worship format. 3474043950


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Translation Is Akan/Twi (Twerew Konkron)
Abbreviation Twi

Bible Society Of Ghana

I have attached the file. I just need it to be comverted to .ewb for my easy worship program.
Thank you

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Emailed Publisher 03/11/2019

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Easyworship team should develop the attached file for our use

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I'm afraid this is not possible as we have told you before. We need a signed contract from the Publisher of the Bible before we can proceed with any Development. The Bible Society of Ghana has not responded and we have not been able to add the Bible to our Development list because of this. If you would like to contact them on our behalf, you are most welcome to but we can not move forward with this Bible at this time.

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That is good explanation to work with. All of us in Ghana, let us work to reach the Bible Society of Ghana. I am going to lead this effort.

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That's great! I'd be happy to work with them either by phone at 1-918-250-1493 or by email at

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