Could we have a schedule timer please

Hi, My church has just completed its first very successful GLS. There was some suggestion as we got into the planning that we would need a competitors software, I was reluctant to change and I'm glad i stood my ground. EasyWorship 7 did a great job, except for one area. It would have been nice to have a countdown timer that read the video time/track time/ media time and displayed in at the top of the "confidence Monitor', just like the clock but on the opposite corner ( or wherever it is suitable) so that the people watching the screen can see how long the recorded media has left to play. This wont work for a PPT or a usual message but it would overcome the need for extra communications verbally. Thank you for an amazing program that makes us look really "professional" in front of our community whenever we have schools, funerals, weddings and other outside events in our facilities. God bless you all for your work.

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