Wireless Foldback with Two-Way Messaging



  • How would you like the feature to work?
  • I would like the app to support a true wireless foldback option.

  • Why is this feature important to you?
  • No need to run more cables and people can use their own devices to save the church even more tech funds.


  • How would you like the feature to work?
  • Two-way messaging from Easy Worship control computer to wireless devices. I would like to be able to select the device that each user has connected. It would be nice to be able to name each device with a person's name or their position.

  • Why is this feature important to you?
  • It would be great to be able to tell a person to get up closer to the mic, be mindful of the time, turn up the volume control on your guitar etc.

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Agreed, I would like to get easy worship license if easy worship have that features. At least like Quelea has, free church presentation. what I used right now.

Yes. The feature would be very helpful. Just this past Sunday I got a text message from the piano player telling me the group needed more drums in the monitors. If I remember right, the only reason I saw that was that I had my tablet running because of the livestream and I see text messages on my tablet. Anyone trying to run sound, media and other stuff on a budget knows the problems with Front-of-House communications when your sound/media booth is in the back of the church. Anyone try to interpret hand signals? Up and down are kind of obvious, but I don't know if they want the instrument louder over the mains or louder in the monitors and so on and so on. Pretty much everyone has a phone. Being able to send and receive messages/instructions through Easy Worship would be very helpful.

The ability to allow others to view what's on the screen has already helped our worship leader. He would turn around to see lyrics of songs he was not completely familiar with. Now he can just look at the slide that's up on the screen on his phone. Adding a messaging ability would be helpful for me to tell one of the singers to get the mic closer or allow the guitar player to remind us at the sound booth to turn up the volume of the guitar when playing solo songs.

In-Ear-Monitors (IEM) cost a fortune to implement. We do not have the budget for that. Plus, it would only be one-way comms from techs to musicians. Easy Worship with two-way messaging would be very helpful in so many ways that I have not even mentioned here.

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