Add a "SAVE AS" feature on the right click for duplicating Presentations

I prepare an EW7 presentation that roles a slide show of announcements. All of the images are loaded into the image file. I often travel and need to build several weeks of announcement files n advance.  It would be nice, since so many of the basic "hello, prayer cards, nursery, etc" slides repeat each week, to be able to right click on the presentation file in the list of presentations and be able to SAVE AS... a new name.  It essentially would duplicate the file for editing and then allow you to create the next week's announcements more quickly. 

The only work around I have figured out for this is to EXPORT the file to documents or a flash drive; RENAME the file in the new location; and IMPORT the newly named file back into presentations for slide editing.   It isn't that hard to do, but it would be better to have a 'SAVE AS'  option within EW7.

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This is a great idea and I love it!

What I have been doing rather than exporting is as follows:

Drag the Presentation into the schedule,

Edit the Presentation in the schedule (make any changes necessary),

Edit the name of the Presentation in the schedule (changing the name in the schedule is critical),

Right-click on the Presentation and select Check Schedule for Changes,

Make sure that the Import option is set to Add to Resource,

Click Import.

You should now have both copies in your database and this may be easier than the export process.

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