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Before I list down my requests, let me first share a little bit on how I do things in EasyWorship.

For many of the occasions, I just tend to do the searching and projecting of songs or scriptures on-demand. What I mean by "on-demand" is that whenever a song leader or a pastor mentions a song or a scripture, that's when I Search for it, Project it to the screen, and then Save it to the Schedule (a way of bookmarking items for later use). Yes, I use the schedule to bookmark items as some speakers would tend to go back & forth those scriptures. Also, sometimes they do not mention the verse numbers the second time. So in those cases, I can still go back & forth and show them to the screen whenever needed because they're already "bookmarked" on schedule. Now, searching on-demand could be very tedious & stressful because you'd have to make sure you do it fast (3 seconds tops), not because you have to but because the speaker and the audiences are waiting. Those are times when you have to keep your hands focused on your keyboard at all times. Lifting your hand for a mouse or trackpad becomes less and less fun as time goes by, especially to multi-taskers (projectionist/instrumentalist). Sometimes the mouse slips and you click the wrong item which hinders you from doing things fast. That's when keyboard shortcuts come in handy.

Searching for scriptures – Thanks to the Spacebar & Tab shortcuts, you could easily move forward steps to chapter & verse in a split second without having to use a mouse or a trackpad. I just wish we could also go back steps by simply hitting Shift+Spacebar, like how we can with Shift+Tab. Mistakes are inevitable, so whenever I made one by typing-in the wrong verse number, I'd simply hit Shift+Tab or Arrow left and then retype without the need to use a mouse or trackpad just to click on the search input field, go back a step & retype. Some of us I rely heavily on keyboard shortcuts because it's just that useful. I, for one, am quite familiar with all of the keyboard shortcuts of EasyWorship –from the Editor, to Verse searching, to the Show controls– because It just make things easier and faster. Anyway, I hope you guys would consider adding more keyboard shortcuts to EasyWorship for the things we do most of the time.

1. Add selected items to Schedule - I can't stress enough on how useful this is. In LIVE mode, set it to Ctrl+ENTER, maybe? So, an ENTER would send the item to LIVE screen while Ctrl+ENTER would add it to schedule area. No matter where your area of focus is, a Ctrl+ENTER would always add selected items from the Resource area to the Schedule area. 2. Jump focus to Search box, Schedule, Preview, & Live Areas - Oftentimes, we just want to do a search right away for songs & scriptures while LIVE. Please allow us to do a quick search (Ctrl+F) and Ctrl+ENTER to add items to schedule and then jump back to LIVE area just before the song hits the chorus, and then go back to searching mode again. So keyboard shortcuts for these types of workflow are super handy.

3. UNDO/REDO - This should be a basic feature in text editing and It should be available on all versions of EW. Do we have to pay an upgrade just to have this feature? 4. Shortcuts for Go Live, Un-LIVE, Store, & Web buttons 5. Be able to edit Active or Selected Song - often times we find typos on screen, and being able to do a quick edit on-the-fly would be awesome. In addition to that, a shortcut to accept changes would be great. I'm thinking since ENTER, Ctrl+ENTER, & Shift+ENTER are already taken in Song Edit mode, why not add Ctrl+Shift+ENTER to accept changes or something similar? And ESC to cancel or discard the changes and exit Song Edit mode. 6. Shortcuts for Songs, Scriptures, Media, Presentations, & Themes tabs 7. Be able to move items in schedule Up & Down using Ctrl+Arrow UP/DOWN would be great addition. Additionally be able to move items to sub-items with Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Up/Down.

8. Be able to export items in schedule to pdf, ppt, ...

9. Not a shortcut, but an indication for Show Control (with ENTER shortcuts only). Whenever we hit a verse selection hotkey, and before we hit ENTER, it should show us an indication somewhere on top of the window that lets us know which verse goes next. For example, when we hit "v2" on our keyboard, an indication on top would show "Next is Verse 2". And when it's time for verse 2, we hit ENTER, and the indication also goes away.

It's just a little detail that's very helpful at times when you forget to prepare for the next verse. When you hit ENTER and it does nothing, and then you panic and ask around, "which verse is next, 4 or 5?" You know, things happen.

Thank you

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we have also the same problems,

especially about the shortcut keys, the PC we are using, we cannot use the Scripture shortcut keys., Thank You in Advance!

Yes. I like shortcut keys too.

In EW2009, I can use ALT + .... as shortcut key, for example after finished Editing Songs, just press ALT + O = OK or ALT + C = Cancel4

But EW7, I cant do 

Pls consider about the shortcut key features

Thank you

God bless

I would also love to have the ability to jump the focus to the search box without using the mouse.

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