On Foldback in version 7.1 you have changed

On Foldback in version 7.1 you have changed the PPT image to display between the clock and next slide thus making the PPT image smaller. On all previous versions it has displayed on top of the clock and next slide thus keeping the PPT image the same size as the display screen.

  • How would you like the feature to work?
Please can you make this an Option Setting rather than a permanent setting so the user can choose how they prefer it set.
  • Why is this feature important to you?

Our pulpit foldback monitor is attached to the lectern and is a Lilliput 10" type. Making the PPT image smaller makes it more difficult for the speaker to see. Since foldback was introduced into EasyWorship it has always given us a full image with the clock and next slide on top of the image, an option would suit all EW users.

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I agree. We used to have PP on the foldback which also included a row of resizable thumbnails for the presenter. That was great. Now e only get a small PP picture which is really too small for the presenter to read from if they want.

I like this idea. We used to have a larger picture and also a row of resizable thumbnails - great for the person doing the presenting. Now we only get a small PP in the middle of the screen which is now hard to read from.

If it went back to how it was, the whole bottom of your PowerPoint slide is covered and cannot be seen on the foldback. From I can tell, the size change was pretty minimal.

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