iOS App Improvements.

We have just purchased EasyWorship 7 for the iOS app feature to allow worshippers who are visually impaired to view the images on their own iPad. It works, but the image is not great for two reasons: 1) it does not display full screen 2) it is very low res.  I have the option to expand the live window but this is letterbox and does not fill the screen. Combined with the low resolution this limits the advantage for those with visual impairment.

PS. I would also like to be able to view video from my iPAD.

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Hi Fred

Has any progress been made with this?



No, we are getting ready to release a new update for EasyWorship 7 with a new feature for MIDI support. This may help these issues as the signal should be processed more efficiently, thereby potentially increasing resolution quality as a byproduct of the new MIDI feature. You are welcome to install and try that out, if you'd like even though this is not the specific update that you are looking for. EasyWorship Beta

Hi Fred

Thank you for your reply and the link. I have updated to the beta version but have not noticed any improvement in the resolution. 


OK Douglas, thanks for checking out the Beta. I will pass that feedback along to my iOS programmer.

Having the same problem. the resolution is very bad. Not usable for people with visual impairment. Have tried it on various ipads but the result is all the same. When can we expect an update?

Looking forward to the update

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