Foldback Display


Please refer to the following pictures as a reference of the issue.

The above is a snap shot of what appears on the main display

And this one is the foldback display. Unfortunately the time is blocking some of the text as well as last line in the text is also blocked by the bar indicating what is next in the schedule. 

Is there any adjustment that can resize the image to avoid the from happening???

And to be honest the clock was requested to remain on the screen, so that the presenter can keep track of the time allotted to him/her to do the presentation. But re-positioning it would only work for some power point presentations, not all. As some of them have text that full the screen.

So i don't know if your technical team are capable of updating the software by scaling the screen of the power point, so that the bar indicating what is next in the schedule, and the clock, would be outside of that screen.

Just an observation and recommendation that i have concerning the software. 


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