Feature Request - Slide Text Transitions


"It would great to have additional options for the text/words of songs.

1)  Such as "text fade into or out" of songs, 
2)  Vertical Text scrolling from the bottom to the top or top to bottom  the slide, 
3)  Horizontal Text scrolling left to right OR right to left, etc off the screen of the slide.
4)  Diagonal  Text scrolling from the corners of the slide

5)  Text scrolling, like the words in the opening of Star Wars.

Basically more creative options for the text/words of a song appearing and disappearing.

6)  Transitions from slide to slides, such as Fade in/out out/in, blurring, Cross-Fade, Diffuse, Gradient Fade.

7)  "Page Turn" transitions.

If you could look at the program "Movavi Video Suite", specifically the "Video Editor", there are many transition options.available.

I have attached a screenshot of a couple of the transitions

Thank you!  

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I agree. I wish there were more transition options for individual text boxes within one slide. I'd like to have certain words transition in one at a time within 1 slide -- not just the whole slide transition.

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