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Remote for Android phones in EasyWorship 7

  • How would you like the feature to work? This feature would be identical to the IOS remote only for Android devices. In the UK both manufacturers enjoy equal share of the market about 48% but after the recent publicity over Apple slowing down older phones that will likely change here.

  • Why is this feature important to you? This would allow us to benefit from the same features as those who have access to Apple devices.


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Is there a timeline for an Android version? I use more Android devices than iOS devices.

Me too.


Definitively need an Android version, it's a much more affordable platform.

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Android is used by many of our church members more then IOS so yes we have a need for Android.

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We are from Brazil and we also support this initiative.

Definitely need an android version. Would be so much cheaper to use a Non Apple tablet for confidence monitor for those who cannot see the main screens.

There are too many Android users in the UK to make it an insignificant platform, so yes, recompiling for Android would be ideal for me and other members of my church team.

Android users need this.

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Me too!

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