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Our church has two different primary languages: English and Swahili. We're looking for a way to show both languages simultaneously, especially with Scripture. Is there a way to do this already, or is there a developing feature for this? 

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Hello I was wondering if easy worship has found a solution for this? I work at a bilingual/mostly Hispanic church and sometimes people that only talk English come to our church and its a pain having to switch versions every time. Is there a way that we can put in the RVR1960 and the NIV versions live at the exact same time? it would be very helpful.

Thanks and God Bless!!

Any update on this?

I suppose I could enter the entire bilingual bible as its own song, but seems like easy worship support should be able to handle this feature development after 5 years

Easyworship Support,

Has there been any update on a feature/option to display dual-language scriptures?

Please update us all, it will be very beneficial for all.

5-6 yrs for a solution to a bi-lingual scripture output should be very (facil) easy to code into your program. God has given you all an unsurpassed talent, use it for your faithful followers, Please...

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