Inspector "OK" button to save changes

I would like to see an OK button to save changes in Inspector rather than having to use the small Close Window “x” in the top right-hand corner.


It is important to me to bring it line with the other editing windows.

If I select ”x” in the main song edit window, visible changes are not saved.


When editing a song in the schedule I have the "OK" or "Cancel" options which are self-explanatory.

However, if I open the Inspector edit window to change the background rather than having a normal "OK" button to save I am only offered "Apply to Theme" or "Revert to Theme". Where is the "OK" button to save and leave the editing window?

I am forced to use the small "x" to close the window with my changes rather than the normal larger "OK" button.

It appears to be the only edit window with in EW with no "OK" to save button.

If I use the same "x" to close the main song Edit window the changes that I have made and can see are not saved.


A comparison with the Format function in PowerPoint is mentioned elsewhere, but that uses a menu side-bar not an edit window so is not a direct comparison.

I am seldom changing Format in a PowerPoint during a service whereas I may have to on a last-minute song with an inappropriate background.


Please add an OK button to the Inspector edit window to make it consistent with the rest of the program. It also would be much easier to find in a hurry during a service than the current small "x" of the close window.

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