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EasyWorship Layout

Back in the days of EW 2009, we had mostly monitors in the 4x3 format. EW 2009 fitted into that format very nicely.

These days, most monitors are 16x9 or even wider. This makes them very shallow - vertically. EW 2009 does not fit this format very well and neither does EW 6.

In EW 6 We now have a very long/wide resources area along the bottom of the screen - which is great and what a lot of people asked for. But, that also makes the song area very wide and shallow with lots of waste space and if you area using a laptop there is not a lot of room for the song words in any of the current views available in EW. That means a lot of scrolling down the words as you sing the song - even with the  resources area as small as possible at the bottom.

My suggestion and what I would like to see is that resources area be moved (or able to be relocated if desired) to the left side of the screen. That would then make 4 panels instead of three and none at the bottom.

The workflow then would be better as all resources are at the left - first port of call when building a Schedule.

The Next panes would be the Schedule, Preview/LIve as it is now. Many times I have built up quite long schedules which drop off the bottom and you have to scroll lots to see what you are placing into the schedule whiles building it.

That would give you a full depth screen to see your long schedule, what you are projecting, reduce the waste space on the screen,  and reduce the amount of mouse movement for most times and reduce scrolling down the song words.

To alleviate this I am currently using a 3x4 monitor - that is a 4x3 monitor turned 90 degrees which make using EW better but not if you are editing a PP! It is still not the best layout for EW.

Of course, if the panes were all resizable- as now, you could  make the whatever size you wanted If they were undockable/relocatable as in some software, that would be even better.

In the attached picture  (EW Layout) you can easily see a huge area on screen that would be much better used for all resources and could even be divided into different types of resource areas. Notice too that you get a much better picture of the song you are singing which all shows in the LIVE panel (and would be better if the resources were not at the bottom in this shot.

See the second picture (EW Layout 2) which shows the huge amounts of waste space on a 16X9 screen.

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I also have a similar request to be able to breakout the resources section in its own window allowing me to have it on my second monitor.


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An extra column to be available for the resource area could certainly offer alternative use of the space on wide monitors

To give more room for the schedule during a service it can be hidden or we just have the menu-bar at the bottom with no songs visible. It expands when a tab is selected. We use the Preview and Live view.

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