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I would really like to see a separate search box return like it was in EW2009.

When I need to quickly find a sing based on lyrics, it just takes too many clicks to even get to that search box. Our church very often does unscheduled songs and I need to quickly get it on screen. In EW2009, I could simply click in the lyric search box and type the first few words that are sung and I can have the lyrics up in a matter of seconds.

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I too have been a bit frustrated with how the Search Function works in EW 6 as I too liked the way I could do a very quick search for a "LIve" song service where a song - name or number - was called from the audience.

However, In EW 6 I could not do a search anywhere near as quick. The "Any Field" did not seem to work quite right and would not find what you were looking for and as you say, you had to try various search functions to try and find the right song.   I am not sure what has happened but since I have been playing with EW6.7.3.2, and I set the search to "Any Field", It seems I can search on pretty much anything. It seems to me that in this version the search function has been upgraded and for me it works a lot better and now I can search on name, number, first line etc.

So far this has been the same number of clicks for me or maybe even less. In 2009 you click in the bottom search box and type in the words. 2009 was limited to searching the first line of slides, it could not search all words. 2009 didn't provide the song title, but the first line of the slide as the returned result. 

In 6, I click the button on the left of the search box and start typing. No need to use the dropdown to select words from the list. 

Then I use my arrow keys to select the song and press enter to send it live. Contextual search was improved in 6.7.5. 

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It is that extra click that I do not like. I would prefer a separate box for searching by anything but title. Now when I am frantically trying to find a song, I have to remember to click the button to change the search criteria. Plus would like to leave it always on just searching lyrics.

How many clicks are you doing?

If I want to switch from my normal title only search (the default) to get to a search for only words, it takes 3 clicks.
Click 1 - switch from the default to field search
Click 2 - the down arrow to open the field options
Click 3 - click the Words option
Then I can type the first words they sang like I did in EW2009.

You don't have to click words. Click the button and search. It will find what you are looking for without clicking words. You should only have to click once. 

True, if you want to search all fields. I do not. When I need a song quick, I do not want a huge list of possibilities. When I search on lyrics only, it often gives me a shorter list. It still never works as well and as fast as 2009 did.
Now that I think about it, having a search option like EW2009 where it only searches the first line would be even better for finding a song quick.


We do have a request on the books for the 2009 first line search option. We'll for sure continue working on it to make sure we get the best solution for everyone. Thanks for all the feedback. 

I am a bit puzzled as to exactly what you are supposed to do when searching for a song. This morning I was emailed a list for our services this weekend. One song I did not recognize so started EW on my home PC (Databases are synced with the church db) and went looking for the song. I typed the name - or supposed name into the search box but all that showed in the song list was the first song in the list starting with A. Well, I had typed in words beginning with W.

I thought the DB would at least have shown me songs beginning with W.

I have the search filed set to ANY FIELD which has worked fine - sometimes.

Do you have to click on something before typing the words - how is this supposed to work?

I think I can see what Craig is talking about.

I have always had my songs set up so I could search for a song by name or number. In EW 2009 I typed the NAME in the top box and I could find a song. If I typed the NUMBER in the bottom box I could find the song by number as I had the song number as a line of text in the song text. That worked perfect.

Now, depending on what I want to search for, I have to click on the drop down box, Click to select Words. Title etc. then begin typing the search criteria. It is as Craig says, extra clicks and when you need a song quickly takes more time.

If in a favourites song service when a person calls out a song name, you need to type it in quickly without any extra clicks to select what you are looking for and get that song on screen pronto. This I could do easily in EW2009 but is not so quick in EW 6

I have just installed Ew on my work PC to have a quick play with the Search function.

I have selected ANY FIELD. This shows beside the magnifying glass and down arrow. If I type in Holy - as in Holy Holy Holy the first song highlighted is Asleep In Jesus! In my mind it should be any song beginning with Holy. IF I type in a second Holy nothing changes. I typed in the third Holy and still have the song Asleep in Jesus highlighted.

If I click on the magnifying glass then type Holy, I get a song beginning with Holy.

To me and obviously to Craig, we should not have to click on that magnifying glass once you have your search criteria set - eg Words, Title etc. Just begin typing. To me this seems a bit of a trap - especially for inexperienced users. And I have not worked it out properly yet even though I have used EW for over 15 years. In EW 2009, you just typed into the search boxes - no clicking on a magnifying glass. If this is Easy Worship, it needs to be "Easy" and fool proof. Actually, after trying this several times, I am still confused about exactly what you need to do.

OK it looks like you don't want to see the magnifying glass because if that is showing the search does not seem to work - well yes it does - sometimes. Just tried it again and it did not work!

This is actually quite confusing.

Obviously it could be better, or we wouldn't be having this conversation. :) Here is my take on what I think that makes it feel broken. When searching by a single word or something other than just the title, it just returns the results in the form of song titles, not the actual words you are looking for. You would have to look at the song in preview to know for sure. So, looking at the title of the song only, sorted by title not the actual words you searched for so that makes it feel broken. You're not sure if you got what you searched for or not. Contrast that with searching for scripture using the same search function. Click the button to change it to the magnifying glass and do your search. You see the results in the scripture text immediately so it feels right and you know what's happening. EW 2009 changed the results window to show first lines when you clicked in the first line search box. The only thing I didn't like about that, is that I didn't know if I had the right song, or just the right first line and it looks odd to have the same first line listed multiple times because it appears multiple times in the database, but I do see the benefit to having this type of search though. We'll keep working on it. Thanks for your feedback. 

Maybe the search box would be better if there was a line of options just above the search box. What ever was selected as your search criteria was highlight when selected, you would always be able to see what you were searching for.

Then, in the search line you just enter the words, title, number or whatever you are trying to search for.

That takes it back similar to EW 2009 but with one search box but the operator can always see what the search function is set to.

Last night setting up for church with a new operator - with L plates showing - we had quite some "fun" (not)- trying to search for a song I knew was on the church PC. We tried all sorts of methods and could not find it. Finally we just scrolled down the list in the database and there it was! The search function obviously did not work for us at all. Trying to work out if you search while the magnifying glass is showing - or should it not be showing was quite confusing to us all. No option seemed to make a difference in this case.

Below is my suggested upgrade to the search function layout.


This could be used for Scriptures as well and would change depending on what was selected - Songs or Scripture. That would take out that confusing magnifying glass and again the operator would always see exactly what search was active.

Last night we also did a major search for a song that has been used several times over the past couple of months. My home PC has an exact copy of the church DB and that song was showing. However an hour later when trying to find it on the church PC it was not found in any way. I ended up reinstalling it from CCLI. Also, some songs we had in EW 2009 did not come through with the change to EW 6. A couple of times now we have been looking for a song we knew was in our system but could not find it.

Shut down EW 6, open EW 2009 and sure enough there is the song. Of course we had to cut and paste as until now that was the only way we could get the song back into our new DB.

This is not the first time I have had this sort of issue since using EW 6. There have been a couple other occasions where I have had to reinstall a song because it seemed to vanish. Not sure what is happening but it seems the new database sometimes gobbles up a song!

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