Duplication of Themes and Presentations

 I would like to suggest for consideration the ability to "copy" Themes, (Song, Scripture & Presentation themes) and EW6 built presentations (not Powerpoints).  I would like this to apply to those themes and presentations built "internally" i.e. stored in a profiles database files rather than in the Resources folders.

By "copy" I mean the ability to "save as"  requiring a different name. 

For example I have built a presentation called Morning Welcome consisting of pre-service announcements.  I would like to build a very similar presentation using 90% of the slides and called Evening Welcome for the evening service.

At present I can do this by exporting the presentation, chagning the filename of the ewpx file and re-importing.  I now have two "Morning Welcome" presaentation listed but one is a file in the resources presentations folder and I still have to change its name to "Evening Welcome".

I think it would be really helpful to just be able to "Save As..." the Morning presentation directly with a different name (and then be able to go straight in and make any edits I require). Alternatively, edit an presentation or theme and then save the presentation or theme with a new name using Save As

I've seen a few posts in the forums where resources such as presentations are used repeatedly week by week with just a few changes, the majority of slides staying the same.



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