Output Selected Aspect Ratio on Presentation to Foldback

How would you like the feature to work?

  • When you are in the presentation editor, and you open the inspector, go to Presentation, and select 16x9 as the aspect ratio, it would output a 16x9 picture scaled to the Foldback, independent of the main Live screen resolution/aspect ratio.

Why is this feature important to you?

  • We have a triplewide setup, so our main Live screen has a resolution of 3840x720, or a 16x3 aspect ratio. When we go live on a presentation, the Foldback, which is a 16x9 screen, displays a 16x3 picture, so the presentation is just a very small image in the center of the screen, and isn't visible from the stage.

  • My current work-around is to make a song instead of a presentation. I export the slides as images and set those images as the backgrounds for the slides, and then I enter the slide text as lyrics, and just remove the text box. This puts the text full screen on the Foldback and just the background image on the main Live screen. However, this prevents any images or other media in the presentation from being visible on the Foldback since songs don't display media on the Foldback.

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