Triggering external devices as part of a schedule

Hi Guys,

I'd REALLY like to be able to have a list of cues that trigger external devices via RS232 or TCP/IP (or even MIDI if the other two are too hard)

The use case is to trigger a control system (Crestron, AMX etc) or Show player (eg Medialon)  to perform something as part of a controlled AV system (eg fire off a lighting preset immediately before Worship or the Sermon etc). It might also be used to trigger a preset on a Matrix switcher (Extron SIS protocol is easy to understand and implement). This could be implemented as another tab alongside the Songs, Scriptures, Media etc tabs.

The scenario: I worship at a (growing) little Australian country church with a contemporary worship style. Hardware is easy enough to come by, but skilled Sound/Light/AV operators are not. If I can remove a task from the Sound guy (ie lighting) by triggering LX and other cues via EasyWorship we can have a much smoother presentation and the congregation can concentrate on the message.



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