You can use a presenter remote to control EasyWorship from the stage.  If you are using a programmable remote you can change the key commands on the remote so that it can control EasyWorship, if your remote is not programmable, use the information below to change the hotkey commands for EasyWorship to match your remote. 

Using a Programmable Remote

  • If you need to program your SMK-Link or Interlink Presenter remote click here.
  • If you need help programming the HoneyWell PowerPresenter remote click here.

  • The standard hotkeys for EasyWorship 6 & 7 are: PgDown = Go Live, Arrow Down = Next Slide, Arrow Up = Previous Slide. 
    NOTE: (PageUp = GoLivePrevKeys is a disabled function due to compatibility issues.)

Change EasyWorship's Hotkeys to Match Your Remote

Using the Hotkey Installer EasyWorship 6 & 7:

  1. Close EasyWorship
  2. Download & Run the hotkey installer file V6 Hotkey Installer | V7 Hotkey Installer
  3. Allow the file to run and replace any files it asks to replace.
  4. Open EasyWorship and test your remote. Make sure you click in the live area with your mouse when testing.
  5. If you wish to reset the hotkeys file to the default settings, download and run the V6 Hotkeys Reset | V7 Hotkeys Reset file.

Changing Hotkeys Manually:

  1. First open a EasyWorship and open a Schedule.
  2. Go live with the first item in the schedule using the mouse. 
  3. On the presenter remote press the next slide button. Take note of the behaviour of EasyWorship for step 10 below. 
  4. Close EasyWorship.
  5. Go to start, run or right click the start button and click run Or search for "run" and open it.
  6. In the run box that appears type in %programdata% and press enter.
  7. Double Click softouch : EasyWorship.v6.1 or EasyWorship.v7: settings
  8. Double click on hotkeys.ini
  9. When windows asks what to open the file with, select notepad.

  10. Make the following changes.

    If your remote is sending the next item in the schedule to the screen when pressing the next slide button, it uses page up and page down to navigate slides.

    Make the following changes.

    • Change GoLiveNextKeys to 0 (zero)
    • Add 34 to SlideNextKeys (SlideNextKeys=78, 40, 32, 34)
    • Change GoLivePrevious to 0 (zero)
    • Add 33 to SlidePrevKeys (SlidePrevKeys=80, 38, 8, 33)

  11. If your remote is selecting the next item in the schedule when pressing the next slide button, it uses left and right arrow keys to navigate slides.

    Make the following changes.

    • Change ScheduleNextKeys to 0 (zero)
    • Add 39 to SlideNextKeys (SlideNextKeys=78, 40, 32, 39)
    • Change SchedulePrevKeys to 0 (zero)
    • Add 37 to SlidePrevKeys (SlidePrevKeys=80, 38, 8, 37)
  12. Save the file (ctrl+s)
  13. Close notepad and open EasWorship.
  14. Go live with a song or PowerPoint.
  15. Click on the first slide and the remote will be able to navigate the slideshow.

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