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*EasyWorship 7 requires a special video decoder for DVD playback and PowerPoint or PowerPoint viewer for PowerPoint support. 

 See Codecs and Viewers for more information.

  • Dark Theme
  • Slide look and color
  • Alpha Layer video support
  • FoldBack multi line Next Line item
  • Copyright can now be visible only on first displayed slide
  • NDI live output support.
  • NDI capture feed support
  • Added undo and redo to editor.
  • EasyWorship Android & iOS remote app (Available in your app store)
  • Support for Abelton Live and other MIDI input devices.  Available to subscribers only


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where remote control port is already in use.
  • Fixed an issue with unnecessary GPU usage.
  • Fixed an issue with PowerPoint engine causing a dead lock situation locking up EasyWorship.
  • Fixed an issue with shape engine causing a dead lock situation locking up EasyWorship.
  • Fixed an issue with the text engine causing a dead lock situation locking up EasyWorship.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Issue with MIDI playback quality.
  • Fixed: Issue with PowerPoint integration that could crash EasyWorship and Explorer.exe.



  • Added: Extended addressable memory from 2GB to 4GB on 64-bit systems (2GB to 3GB on 32-bit)
  • Added: NDI version 4 support
  • Added: Ability to arrange elements using right-click menu in Editor
  • Added: Ability to clone elements in the editor using the "Ctrl" key while dragging
  • Added: Scrub progress on interactive backgrounds
  • Improved: Precision of text alignment
  • Changed: Moved WMV decoding from DirectShow to FFmpeg
  • Changed: "Shift" drag to "Alt" drag to temporarily turn off alignment snapping
  • Changed: Default to FFmpeg for all allowable video playback

Bug Fixes:

  • Removed: Ability to create an outer or inner border on an element
  • Fixed: Crash when performing undo add media in songs or presentations editor of masters
  • Fixed: Next Schedule and Previous Schedule in MIDI not working
  • Fixed: Text rendering issue with some fonts
  • Fixed: Issue with application not maximizing on startup even though the last close state was maximized
  • Fixed: Pasting text with embedded images from MS Word causing slowdown and invalid text
  • Fixed: Projected column alignment in Song Activity Report CSV output
  • Fixed: Truncated song names in Song Activity Report CSV output
  • Fixed: Exception when trying to flow scripture to multiple slides using a theme
  • Fixed: Crash or white browser page in web store if login prompt was canceled while navigating
  • Fixed: Issue with Revert to Global in Presentation editor not working correctly
  • Fixed: Transparent overlay in Themes causing black thumbnails
  • Fixed: Issue with deleting a slide causing a crash in the undo system
  • Fixed: Bug allowing new slides to be added to themes from the media selector
  • Fixed: Address bar in web browser disappearing if easyworship.com is the IE homepage
  • Fixed: Some videos with audio playback play out of sync (ahead of the actual video).
  • Fixed: Access violation crash when switching between two profiles
  • Fixed: Go Live from SongSelect lyrics page gives black preview output
  • Fixed: Issue with SongSelect login
  • Fixed: Search exception from media or theme selector of editor
  • Fixed: Freeze when setting focus to the resource search box after using SongSelect
  • Fixed: Issue with not being able to drag and drop to combine two images or videos in schedule
  • Fixed: Bible purchase in EW ends with 404 (though purchase is successful)
  • Fixed: Issue with not being able to drag and drop in schedule into the bottom node of presentation of the last presentation
  • Fixed: Issue with m4a audio not showing progress correctly
  • Fixed: Presentation font not keeping the setting in options
  • Fixed: Unable to resize window when trying to purchase a bible
  • Fixed: Clicking Web loads worshipmedia.com
  • Fixed: Web tab rendering issue
  • Fixed: Issue with pasted text in songs
  • Fixed: Ctrl+C doesn't work in main window edit controls
  • Fixed: Issue with Scripture flow formatting
  • Fixed: Issue with not being able to search in TLV & TPT bibles
  • Fixed: Issue with not being able to update packed PowerPoint items in Schedule
  • Fixed: PageUp/PageDown keys are ignored in the song editor
  • Fixed: Undoing a change to a text element based on a theme not working properly
  • Fixed: Undoing the first change to a theme element not updating the "Revert to Theme" button in Inspector
  • Fixed: Issue with scripture defaults not always getting applied to verse text
  • Fixed: Initial window always painting white before loading
  • Fixed: Schedule items title or notes could be edited without being selected first
  • Fixed: Issue with selector and schedule selections not syncing correctly on last item.
  • Fixed: Adjusted the hit points on dragging in between items
  • Fixed: Cutting and pasting from within EasyWorship not retaining titles
  • Fixed: Pasting or importing SongSelect lyrics into editor not working correctly
  • Fixed: Issue with Presentation hash calculation for themes
  • Fixed: Issue with importing a theme if a different version of the theme already exists
  • Fixed: Issue with importing twice into editor causing an exception
  • Fixed: Memory leak when playing videos that have rotation
  • Fixed: Issue that allows updating of hidden items when nothing is selected in the editor
  • Fixed: Issue with selector starting up empty when there is actual data
  • Fixed: Scripture theme cannot override some default Scripture font properties

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that would not let you rollback from a profile opened in a newer version.
  • Fixed an issue with changing profiles and getting an exception.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with searching in bibles for book names that contain accented characters.
  • Fixed an issue with theme indentations not working correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with MPEG files causing EasyWorship to lock up.
  • Fixed possible exception with license downloader returning during close of EasyWorship.
  • Fixed possible exception when switching profiles.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed some issues with PowerPoint not rendering correctly.
  • Fixed issue with getting artifacts when creating poster frames for transparent videos.
  • Fixed an issue with getting runtime error 216 if you try to start multiple copies of EasyWorship.
  • Fixed an issue with WMV files taking to long to load due to a issue with DTV-DVD Audio Decoder.


  • Updated to NewTek NDI 3.8.
  • NDI HX support is now included in the EasyWorship installer.

Bug Fixes:

  • Reversed fix for an issue with 2010 PowerPoint not working as a result of changes we made to  Apparently Microsoft fixed this between builds.
  • Fixed an issue with poster frame bitmaps not getting released when slide loses focus.

New in

  • Added support for Abelton Live and other MIDI input devices.  Subscription Version Only.
  • Added support for transparent webm files. Removed side-by-side and top-to-bottom support.
  • Updated FFmpeg player to 4.0.1.
  • Android App Now available in the Play Store. 

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue in Video Properties windows that causes the video to glitch on load.
  • Fixed issue with transparent videos thumbnails showing incorrect pre-multiplied alpha in Editor.
  • Fixed an issue with then clock and service internal size displaying incorrectly when using higher DPI.
  • Fixed issue with the report in the Presentation Editor printing with gray text instead of black.
  • Fixed issue with remote midi schedule commands not working correctly.
  • Fixed issue with remote schedule selection not syncing correctly when using live and preview combined view.
  • Fixed issue with NDI feed player using to much CPU.
  • Fixed issue with NDI output not adapting to current system audio settings.
  • Fix issue with empty video stream causing player to lock up after seeking.
  • Fixed an issue with Foldback monitor flickering on some video cards.
  • Fixed an issue on some video cards with alpha channel videos flickering when using the editor with live output.
  • Fixed issue in selector with single column icons that are centered not getting selected on mouse down.
  • Fixed an issue with the Software Update window showing grayed out text in the dark interface.
  • Fixed an issue with live ledger view not painting correctly after switching from preview and live combined to preview and live.
  • Fixed problem with downloading help file in the background causing the web browser to not load until completed.
  • Fixed issue with SongSelect import causing web tab to close when using 'Live with Resource preview' view.
  • Fixed issue in Options with clocks and alerts not resizing correctly when changing font size.
  • Fixed some issues with Foldback elements (clock, service interval, and next line) incorrectly using margins and other settings from global foldback default font.
  • Fixed Foldback area, for previewing videos, web, and PowerPoint, to have margins that are pushed based on other foldback elements like clock and next item.
  • Fixed cosmetic issue with "Remove" icon on remote client popup changing colors after changing permissions on a client.
  • Fixed a possible bug when using special foreign characters in profile options.
  • Fixed an issue with changing the master theme font size not reflecting the correct values in the OutlineEditor even though the font size changes.
  • Fixed issue with font reverting back to system defaults when using indented text within a presentation.
  • Fixed an issue where changing the theme on a presentation would not update the text attributes of existing slides.
  • Fixed an issue with collections not limiting results correctly when you have rules for individual fields like Title, Author...
  • Fixed shortcuts for Add, Duplicate, and Delete slide to be consistent across outline editor and slide view.
  • Fixed issues with playing back audio with frequencies above 32K.
  • Fixed issue with new version of PowerPoint (build 1805) and PowerPoint Viewer displaying with incorrect size.
  • Fixed another issues with Intel Switchable Graphics not working correctly. Fixed a bug that should prevent future problems.
  • Fixed an issue with mouse highlighting and obscured items.

Additional Downloads:

EasyWorship 7: Download ZIP, Codecs and Viewers, PDF Manual

EasyWorship build (works with Windows 7)

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