Hi Friends, 

We are happy to announce that EasyWorship 7 is finally here!

Download EasyWorship 7


  • Added Dark Theme.
  • Added Slide look and color
  • Added the ability to playback videos with alpha channels.
  • Added the ability to see multiple lines on FoldBack Next Line item.
  • Added new option to allow copyright to be visible only on first displayed slide.
  • Added support to use NDI for live output.
  • Added support to use NDI as a capture source.
  • Added undo and redo to editor.
  • Added Remote Control functionality. Requires the EasyWorship app not yet released (available in apple app store).

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with re-arranging slides in ledger view causing a blank slide to appear if there is not a label on the slide you are moving.
  • Fixed a possible issue with virus scanner blocking import presentations or powerpoint option.
  • Fixed an issue with empty slides with a non-empty labels causing editor to raise an exception.
  • Fixed issue with adding a scripture to a presentation not updating the outline editor.
  • Fixed some possible issues with updating items in schedule from resource.
  • Remove old downloaded installs that are not needed anymore.
  • Fixed a possible issue with black thumbnails in schedule when using PowerPoint.
  • Fixed issue with slide flicker when going live with a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Improved performance when going live with songs that have a large number of slides.

Additional Downloads:

EasyWorship 7: Download EXE, Codecs and Viewers, PDF Manual