Download Issues

I downloaded EasyWorship on my new laptop and NONE of the pre-loaded songs are there and none of our added songs either!! No Bible, no nothing!???

The songs and media are only on the old install of EW. Once you login to your account on the new computer the Bibles will be available, but you'll need to download them to that computer.To get the pre-loaded songs, etc., go to Profiles - Add/Remove Demo Data to download them. The easiest way to get your additional media and songs is to use the Transfer tool to copy the Profile from the old computer to the new computer. 

Ok.That worked but where do I find the "transfer" tool? Also, what about all the songs I saved personally??
It also says my Song Select CCLI is not current but it is! I can still use it on my old laptop and updated our membership as well??
Nevermind, I found it. But still having the CCLI issue.
Determination - I fixed it
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