How do I remove background from songs on NDI output only


This may have been addressed already but I cannot find whether it is possible or not.

We use one computer to run our inhouse EasyWorship display and also our stream. We would like to inlcude the lyrics of songs in our stream feed but cannot seem to do so without it showing the background as well.  If the song has no background it works well, but we usually have backgrounds on most of the songs. So, I was wondering is there a way to get EasyWorship to transmit the TEXT only (even though the song has a background)?

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No. If you have a background on the song, it will display the background. 

What is your setup? How are you sending to your in-house display? What software are you using for your livestream?

If you're just using HDMI for your in-house and NDI to your streaming software, you should be using the Main output and the Alternate output and you can have 2 different themes for those so the backgrounds won't show in the livestream (Alternate out)

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