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I'm having problems creating collections & folders in my EW program. I listen and follow along to the training video of this topic. I can create the folder as the training video indicates, however when I try to create my own collections & folders to fit the descriptions of my files I' not doing something correctly. To my knowledge I'm following all the steps just like the videos state with the exception of name folder colors, I name the folder as one that I have.

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A couple of things to check and make sure you do. 

1. Make sure the name of the "Directory" you're adding as a collection is named exactly the same as the name of the name of the folder you have under Videos or Images in Windows.

2. Make sure the folder in Windows is in the correct location. It should be in C:\Users\Public\Documents\Softouch\Easyworship\Default\Resources and then either Videos if you're creating a folder for videos, or Images if you're creating a folder for images.

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