adding media/images to a song

Using easyworship 6,  I cannot successfully add an image to a song.  Do I use media or themes to do this.  It seems when I add from themes  it covers the lyrics and I cannot read the lyrics except for what is visible at ither end of the screen.  Am I using the wrong tab to add an image to the background of the song.  With easyworship 2009 it was so simple. .

I've always just dragged an image from Media to the first slide of the Song. I've never had an issue doing it that way. 

Thanks Donal.  Yeah I got it now!!  Still don't understand why there is no pause button on live output.  Sometimes you want to stop the song and then resume it but without a pause button the song keeps playing the background and when you resume you don't know where the slides are up to.  Why is there no pause button on live output and also what is the purpose of being able to play the song in preview??

You would have to ask the EW Developers and Support Staff (I'm just a user attempting to help other users when I can).

Being able to play a song in preview allows one to check it prior to going live.

Hello Lorraine,

If you add a video as a background to a song, it is still a song which means you physically change the verses by using the keyboard or mouse. The video runs continuously in the background until you change the song.

If you add the same video as media to the schedule then it is a video and will have controls e.g. pause, rewind and fast forward plus repeat and mute as well as volume.

The same applies if you create a presentation.

I have never change backgrounds in the schedule, I always create them first before adding them. I have created presentations with multiple loop slides and added songs to them using the master button in the Editor which still shows the control buttons.

It's been many years since I used EW6 but I'm sure that creating using the editors is similar.

Trust this has been of some help.

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