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 When I log onto EW and seek to create a presentation including scripture from NIV2011, that translation does not show up in my list of available translations (see screenshot), though a translation labeled NIV does show in the list. And there is a translation labeled NIV1984 in the available list, but that is empty of data. When I go to the Additional translations list (see 2nd screenshot), it shows that we purchased both NIV1984 (currently empty of data), and NIV2011. Is the latter the one that shows simply as NIV? And is the lack of data for NIV1984 a feature or a bug:-)

Thanks, Owen

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I do believe that "NIV" is the 2011 version, or at least it is on mine. As for NIV1984, it is installed and working just fine on our Church's computers. We did purchase it prior to the 2011 version being released, but it still installs and populates on any new computers that we log into Maybe one of the EW Support People who post in here will have some insights on that. I'm just a regular longtime user doing what I can to help others when possible. 

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