Keep shutting down

When I click on easy worship 7 it comes up within 5 seconds it shutdown without in error or nothing. I have Unstaller and reinstall still the same issue.
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First off, what version and build of EW?

Next, what Version of Windows?

Did this just start happening? Did it used to work at one time? Did you have a previous version of EW installed previously?

Try going to C:\Users\Public\Documents\Softouch folder and rename the folder Easyworship to anything else. Now see if EW will start. It's possible that the folder that contains the Profile that EW uses to store it databases has become corrupted. Renaming it would force EW to create a new profile.

You can also try going to C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Softouch (replace UserName with your actual user name) and rename the EasyWorshipV7 folder to anything else. Once again some of the configuration files in this folder could have become corrupted/ Uninstalling EW, rebooting the computer and re-installing EW will force EW to create new ones.

If this doesn't fix the issue actual EW Support personel will need to look into this. Hopefully the above will be able to narrow things down for them (I'm just a just attempting other users when I can)..

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