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I'm still learning the ropes with EasyWorship prior to taking out a subscription for my church. Am I alone in being unable to understand both the meaning and the need for the above checkbox in Scripture Options?

The Need: I don't understand why, if you have already selected 'Automatically Flow Scripture on Multiple Slides', there is any need to tell EasyWorship a subsidiary factor (namely a font size) that triggers that flow. My expectation would be that EW has already been told to do it, irrespective of font size.

The Meaning: Ok - accepting that the checkbox seems to be needed (albeit I don't yet understand why), it boils down to a question of what font size should I select. Should it be a value higher or lower than my default font size (mine happens to be 42)? 

My way of thinking is that the point at hand is defining (or re-asserting) a 'trigger' value of font size that ensures the flow will take place. In which case, my logic intuits that the value would be a value that is more than my default size - i.e greater than 42. 

Indeed, when I've experimented, that does seem to be the case, although it does seem that only a value significantly higher than 42 ensures that the flow takes place properly. I would have thought that it should simply equal 42.

Perhaps it's a problem of grammar and syntax, because I do find the wording for the checkbox extremely difficult to interpret. For me, it presents a conflict and a contradiction of inference because of the pairing of the words 'minimum' and 'before'.

If, say, I mentally think of a choice of font size increasing until an action is needed then my brain looks for a maximum value to be reached before invoking the triggering.

If, on the other hand, I mentally think of choice of font size decreasing while the triggering action is underway, my brain looks for a minimum value to be reached after which the triggering is not active.

In other words, my mental pair of syntax words are either:

  • maximum & before (if I'm imagining a font size increasing)
  • minimum & after (if I'm imagining a font size decreasing)
I can see also that the conceptual abiguity arises depending on whether your brain is thinking of 'before' and 'after' having a sense of the time or the spatial domain:
  • time: in which 'before' and 'after' refer to actons in process until an action starts or stops)
  • space: in which 'before' and 'after' refer to labels for the areas below and above the trigger value..

My apologies for a very long entry, and I didn't intend to get into philosophy although I think that is part of the misunderstanding). I am really perplexed about this particular topic. I've just raised the question with support, but no reply yet. I would appreciate any feedback form the forum. In summary my questions are:

  1. Why is the checkbox even necessary? In other words, what basic logic am I not perceiving?
  2. If it is necessary, what parameter (font size) dictates the selection I choose to make? In other words should it be higher or lower than the default font size that I've already set in my theme (42)?
  3. If indeed it is higher, then how much higher than my default font size does it need to be? 
  4. More basically, why shouldn't the value simply be my default size (42)?

I would happily dare to suggest an alternative wording for the checkbox, but I would first need to understand the logic underlying the selection

many thanks and best wishes
Alan Bateman (in UK)

My take is different places use different size and resolution screens. Plus a Church with a lot of elderly parishioners with poor eyesight might need larger font sizes. It allows EACH user to tailor the Font Sizes to fit their needs. 


What you say is true in itself, but other than being correct as a generic comment, I'm puzzled as to why it applies to anything I raised.

best wishes


EW would need to address that as I'm just a user attempting to assist other users. To me it comes across as you overthinking things and the difference between USA English and UK English. No offense, but instead of spending a lot of time wondering why, just accept it for what it is.

Fair enough Donal. I never thought anything other than you might be trying to help. No offence, I was only trying to say that I was puzzled about its relevance to what I had raised.

Yes, I might be overthinking things, but that's arising from a genuine problem (which EW have acknowledged is difficult to understand).

Yes, it might be differences between USA and UK languages - that's fine too.

The fundamental problem is being able to select the font size, for which any user - especially a beginner - needs to understand the rationale behind it, so that an informed choice can be made.

Anyway, I do appeciate that you responded, and hope that we can continue to engage with each other, should it arise

best wishes

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