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     My EasyWorship program,, was working just fine this past Sunday, 2-25-2024, but for tonight's service, Wednesday, 2-28-2024, half my installed bibles were gone, and the program wanted me to purchase them AGAIN for $29.00 each.  I have my key number, but I cannot enter it by itself anywhere in the registration area.  When I try to log in, the response is "invalid account".  What is happening?  Yes, a couple of months ago, we changed Internet providers from HughesNet to Aeneas.com for the fiber optic usage that HughesNet did not have.  I THOUGHT I had changed the sign-in with EW.  My old user name was: rhrner@hughes.net.  We now have Aeneas service, so my new user name is rhrner@aeneas.com.  This rhrner@aeneas.com is referenced in my computer book, so I believe I did make the email change.  But apparently, I am unable to sign in with either the rhrnew@hughes.net or the rhrner@aeneas.com usage.

     Is there any way to restore my EW 6 program again before this coming Sunday, or have you cancelled all version 6 programs on your end?

Thank you.

Robert Rolsheim

Pinson Baptist Church

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Thank you for reaching out to EasyWorship Support.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by the non-functionality of Bible translations within EasyWorship.

Please rest assured that our dedicated development team is actively addressing this known issue and diligently working on a resolution.

Your patience and understanding during this process are greatly appreciated.

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