Adding Columns to Resource area in EW 7

Is it possible to add additional columns in the resources area in additonto the Title; Author; Copyright and  Administrator columns?

We use several hymn/song books and a column with the book and hymn/song number in the book would be very useful to find the correct version that the music leader picks, especially if there are several hymns/songs with the same or very similar titles, or even use different titles (i.e. some people use first line of song others use first line of chorus etc.). As there are several people who make up the schedules and on occasions we have had the words come up on screen which have a different song to the one the musicians/singers are expecting. There is then a bit of a panic as someone tries to get the operator to find the correct song.

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I am sorry but there is not a way to do this at this time they are hard coded. You could add it to the Feature Request Forum here

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