Nursery Alert Location

Is there or is there any plan to have more control over the nursery alert location? We would like to start using them, however the bottom two corners of our screen are not visible from most of our seating and if I put it in the top corners it covers up the text for our verses or songs. I would love to have it in the top left, but down a bit bellow the text box. Anyone know of other software to accomplish this on top of EasyWorship if it is unable to customize the alert location?

As long as you don't use a background color for the nursery alert, you can go to the options and click on Nursery Font and go to the Margins tab and set the top margin to whatever you want to move it farther down on the screen. You can set any of the margins to move the alert wherever you want it to be on the screen.

Just know that if you use a background color, the background will fill the entire area of the corner plus the margins, you make sure to set the background color on the alert to None.

Thank you, though it would be nice to use the background, this work around should get the job done
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