cant access email to subscription

Hello! We purchased easyworship 6 many years ago. And we want to buy a new bible translation. But we found out we dont have access to the email-account, our easyworship account/supscription is linked to.

We hoped the solution was to transfer all of our songs and media to another subscription/account of easyworship, but I read that isnt possible?

Is there any other solution, than manually adding our songs and media to the new account, that we might have to buy?

Greetings from Norway - Jørgen

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You will need to contact support directly as due to privacy and security concerns this isn't something that can be handled in an open forum like this. See the bottom of each Support Page for contact information and hours of operation. Either call them by phone or open up a support ticket and they should be able to change the account to a new E-Mail address. 

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