Sharing presentation between users

I am certain I am not the first to ask this question, but I have not found the answer in the knowledge base. We are transitioning over to EasyWorship (version 7) so we are very new to this. The person who will be creating the schedule/presentation for the service is different than the person who will review it which is different than the person who will run it during the service. All three of these people are physically on different networks, basically working from home.

If it were as easy as throwing the schedule file up on a share drive, it would be easy to pass around. But if the person who creates the presentation has added media or other resources, then don't the others need their database to be able to see the video in the schedule? Again, I am very new so much of what I say is based on assumptions. But the question is, after somebody creates the presentation/schedule that will be used in the service, what do they need to provide to the reviewer and the person actually running the service?

When you save the Schedule make sure that the option to "Pack Files In Schedule" is checked. That will save whatever media files used in the schedule, song backgrounds, etc are saved in place with the schedule. When you open it on the next computer everything will be in place on it. 


Thank you so much! Then it really will be as easy as saving the schedule in a place we can all access. As long as we have the option set. A million thanks. You have answered the question. I can't wait to test it out.

- Dave Beane

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