Easyworship not AutoReporting to CCLI

Autoreporting of songs to CCLI is, at best, intermittent but mostly fails. Also EW does not stay 'logged in' to CCLI.

Even if, before the service, I make sure EW is connected to CCLI it still fails to autoreport songs for Livestreamed Services.

All setup is as it should be for using Autoreporting (it has worked a few times), although I have noted that some songs do not have 'Auto' set as an option but do have CCLI instead.

I'm aware that we still manually have to declare Printouts, Backing Tracks and Music Scores but the autoreporting facility is currently not working more often than it's working.

The computer used is hardwired into the Church Network hub, which is hardwired into the Modem.

I always set up the songs on the computer we use for the Services rather than transferring them from another Computer.

NB: we are a UK church - if that's likely to make any difference.

Thanks for your assistance.


EasyWorship will send the report whenever the EW background helper starts up and you're logged into SongSelect in EW. You can force sending the report by making sure you're signed in and then click on Help > Background Helper and click Stop, Then click Start. Restarting the Helper service will force EW to send the report. You can then check this by going to Help > Troubleshooting Logs > Auto-report Troubleshooting. It will show you if a report was sent successfully. 

You can then check your auto report log on CCLI.com to make sure the songs that you've gone live to are listed there.

EasyWorship will automatically run this report as long as you're signed into SongSelect. It should keep you signed in, just make sure the box is ticked to Keep Me Signed In on the login page. EW will not send the report immediately after going live to a song. It will check at various times for new activity to report. It will also check and send a report when EW is first opened from a restart of the computer or any time the Helper is started.

Also, for the songs to be reported, they do need to have the correct copyright/CCLI info in the information field of the song.

Hi Dan.

Much appreciated.

EW doesn't automatically login to SongSelect when EW starts up. I frequently have to manually 'login'. Although having ticked the box to 'stay logged' in, it is just the click of an icon.

That said EW still doesn't always autoreport, in which case it must be the 'Background Helper' that is not always running as it should.

Now I know I can check the background helper.

One final question:

Is there a time-limit on how long EW keeps Song information for the purposes of Autoreporting?

Can I also say how much I appreciate the work you do in replying on here, and all the tech team at EW for their work.

We've tested quite a few bits of Display/Presentation software and it's the only one that does all the stuff we need.

Thank you.


Thank you for the kind words Lindsey! We really appreciate it and enjoy serving you all here.

EasyWorship will look at the last 45 days for song information that hasn't been reported yet. There is also a daily timer that runs and does the reporting as long as the helper is running.

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