Videos downloaded from YouTube no longer play correctly for me on Ver 7, Build

Prior to this upgrade, which I did for the purpose of auto-reporting, YouTube videos streamed without incident. These are songs that were captured using Clip Grab Ver 3.9.7.  The songs were then saved to the Easy Worship video sub folder.

Now, the videos are breaking up terribly, both from a video perspective and an audio perspective.

If I play the video that I just downloaded using the Windows Media Player it plays perfectly.

Is there a fix? And if not, how can I revert to a previous version of Easy Worship?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


What are the specs of your computer? Specifically, the video card? Is it a desktop or laptop?

What version of EW were you running before?

Are the videos downloaded as MP4?

Dell XPS 8940 Desktop. Intel I7 2.90 Ghz processor. 16 GB RAM. Running Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (x64). NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Super Video Card. Last version MAY have been Files downloaded as MP4.

First thing to try is make sure your video card drivers are up to date. 

You can reinstall an older build from the downloads page to see if it's working on that version. If updating the drivers doesn't work, I would recommend contacting support directly while at the computer and they can remote in and look at it with you.

Contact Support

I have updated the video drivers, didn't solve the problem. Had tech support sign in to my PC. Worked together for about 2 hours. Problem was not solved. However, he did suggest trying things like resolution settings or file formats. When I downloaded the videos as WMV format, the problem was solved! I have determined that MP4 files starting in the Aug 1 -15, 2023 time frame won't play. All older files WILL play. Something happened in the universe, I'm just not sure what it was.

What program do you use to download the files? I have seen where Clip grabber is downloading them in the wrong format. This started happening a few months ago. You have to make sure that it is set to download as an mpeg4 and not set to original settings. 

I would recommend using Y2Mate to download YT videos. I have been using that for years and have never had a problem with any videos downloaded with it, the most recent being a week or so. 

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