When will Easyworship be compadible for Mac os?

We have nothing but problems with windows. I own a Mac os and would like to be able to put Easy Worship on it. My other Mac lasted for 14 years. We have a new one. And really tired of fighting with windows all the time. We don't want to leave Easy Worship. But for many years now you have been saying you are making a program to go on Mac. Are you close and how long do you think it will be. Sorry for asking, don't like putting anything like this on you. We really do thank you for your program, and wish you the deepest of the New Year. But Windows are just the worst to work work with in so many ways.

The mac version is in full development but there is not a release date yet. I am not a developer so I don't know how far along they are with it. 

I don't want to downplay your experiences with Windows or prevent you from wanting to switch to a Mac, but what kind of problems are you having? I have not really had any issues with Windows that would cause me to want to change to a different OS. Again, not trying to downlplay the problems you're having, just curious as to what is going on? Just want to be able to help if possible.

Realistically, the thread on a Mac version goes back over seven years.  At that time I was told that a Mac version would be forthcoming, and alas, nothing happening.  Dan Willard posted three months ago that the mac version is in "full development."  This long delay has made me more and more skeptical about the Windows version of the software.  It too has problems, but I continue to use it when I have to. I wish there was integrity in the company. If a Mac version isn't really coming, just tell us.

I've been asking for over seven years for a Mac version, only to get a response much like the above "In full development."  Unfortunately the integrity of the team is in question. I use Easy Worship only when I have to.  If you are not going to put out a Mac version, that's OK, just be open and tell people who really want to know.

Kenneth, I'm sorry you feel you have to question our integrity. You are fully entitled to your opinion, but there is a Mac version in full development. There have been many changes and restarts to this process that have delayed it time and time again. And the main focus of the developers has been the current released PC version. 

I understand your frustration on it taking so long, but posting negative comments and insinuating that we're lying is not helpful to anyone.

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