online media designer - useless?

how can i edit the text "at your church" ??  seems like i cannot actually edit any text of any media in the media designer... what is the purpose of this media designer?


Check if the media designer supports editing the specific file format you are working with. Some media designers may have limitations on the types of files they can edit.

spacebar clicker

Thanks for bringing this up. EasyWorship is trying to identify all the media that has uneditable text and send it back to the producers to fix. 

I havent been able to find a single media that has 'editable' text.  so i assumed it was just an editor to apply 'filters' and add your own text.  if this is the goal, than yes.. this would be welcomed!  we are coming from sharefaith media, so this was a feature we really loved.

There should be a blank slide available to enter in your own text

right, i understand i can add text.  im hoping we can have functionality to edit the actual text, in the same font and style.  in addtion, if it can be done with the video media as well.  hoping for this to be available.

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