Get a list of songs from the song resource

Is there a way to get a list (a simple report, export to a CSV or similar file), or anything like that, from Easy Worship.

I'd need at a minimum the name, author and song number.

File - Reports and Printing - Save song list report.

Thank you. I swear I looked at that menu three or four times and did not see that.

Unfortunately, without the song number it doesn't do what I need.

That's one of the reasons I started putting the CCLI number at the end of the song titles in the resource area.

That's an interesting idea. It wouldn't be ideal, but I think it would get the job done. Everything put into the "Title" field shows up in the title, author, copyright information shown on the bottom of the first slide. It was the practice at my church long before I started doing this to put the hymn or praise book number in the title. Adding more information would clutter that up even more. But it'd work.

I think I may have found another answer, though, and that's the song activity report. Printing a song activity report with a sufficiently early enough starting point pretty much shows every entry in the song database, with the song title, author, song number and number of times it's been used. It appears it may show songs that are no longer in the database, but I think I can work around that.

Sounds like a good idea to me. 

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