Does the alternate output allow different backgrounds?

Hey EW7 world.  Let me preface that I don't have a EW7 subscription. We purchased EW7 outright so there's no ongoing subscription for our EW7.  

What I need to know is with EW7 does the alternate outputs allow different backgrounds.  Currently We run EW7 on 2 machines.  1 is in house and the 2nd is for our stream but I use a green background and greenscreen it for OBS.   If I went subscription based and gained the alternate output for 2, then am I able to set a background for in house AND have an alternate output (say NDI)  with a greenscreen  so I can shift to just a single pc running EW with a dual feed.   

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Kyle, Yes. Your Alt output can have a different background than your main output and you can send it NDI if you want. If you're going to OBS, you won't need to use green screen. You can just send NDI with no background and overlay it on your camera in OBS.

If you are running the current version of EW, you can disconnect your account in EW and run it as the demo to test it out.  The demo allows you to try out all the features that come with the subscription. To register again, just log into the software again with your email and password.

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