EasyWorship and VMix on separate computers

I am trying to find out if it is possible to to have easyworship running on a computer but sending out to streams - One to the secondary monitor that goes to the projector and another separate "NDI stream" to VMix. 

Secondly when using NDI stream between 2 different computers (one running Easy worship and the other running vMix) how is the connection meant to be set up. Is it via Ip address or hdmi to a capture card? I cannot seem to get the right configuration.

We want it on 2 separate computers for easier workflow for us. I think I have seen examples where this is set on all on one computer but I am not after that. We are on v

Many Thanks

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Here is a link to how to set up EW with VMIX  Live Stream EasyWorship To Social Media w/ vMix : EasyWorship  

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