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Can my main output also be on the alternate output? It was my understanding that I could use the alternate as an NDI output to feed vMIX as a source. I appears that is not true, and I just spent a fortune on software that does not do what I need to be done. I really wish you would be far more clear in your description of what your software does. If this can't be sent to my stream, then it is useless.

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You can send the Alternate output NDI to vMix. Go to Edit > Options > Alternate output and set the output to NDI.

The Alternate output is a separate out from the main output. You can set the default Alt theme to the same theme as your main out and it will be the same, but you can only have one Alternate output theme set as default. If you change the background for the main output and want the Alt out to change also, you can check out the article in the link below. You are also more than welcome to contact our support team and they can help you out.

Although the cost of EasyWorship is very competitive, if EasyWorship is not the software for you, we do have a return policy. We definitely want you to be using the software that's right for you.

Change Alt out Properties

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