v7 Transferring files from a schedule to the data base

When we first got EasyWorship a number of years ago (I can't remember which version it was) you could share a schedule with another computer and a little box came up enabling one to add the songs from the schedule not already in the data base to the data base. When we upgraded to EasyWorship 6 that feature was not available so I had to individually add the songs to the data base one by one.
I can't find any way of doing this in v7 ... anyone know how to do it?

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This was available in EW6 and is still available in EW7. 

Open your schedule and right click on any item in the schedule and choose Check Schedule for Changes.

When the window opens, you can check the box in the corner if you want it to open automatically when a schedule is opened and there are changes to save.

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