schedule created in version won't open in version

last week i updated EasyWorship on my home computer to version before creating a schedule however when i try to open the .ewsx file on the church computer which has version i get the following error:

Invalid size or check sum of file or unsupported compression format - native error: 00008. File processing error, possibly disk full.

however the disk has lots of space.

what do you suggest please?


I want to make sure that I am understanding this correctly. You are trying to open a schedule that you created on EW in EW 6?

yes that is correct.  until the latest upgrade to i was always able to do this.

 What version did you upgrade from?

hello i was posting previously using Elisabeth's account but admin have now changed our account name to my name.  sorry to be confusing!

i don't know what version i had before upgrading to version however i expect  it was the version immediately before whatever that was i always upgrade when it says there is a new version available.

thank you Terry for emailing me the link below so i can rollback to an older version 

is there a build available later than but before that i can rollback to instead so i can rollback to the version immediately before version ?

None that would be stable enough to recommend. 

This is a bug that we have identified and notified the dev team.

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