Good  day , when i select ndi sources in OBS  and the source is a presentation from Easyworship, i get a black slide in OBS

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Somewhat related:

 I had no troubles connecting EasyWorship to the latest version of OBS via NDI.  The EasyWorship session starts with PowerPoint slides for announcements, then some songs, back to the PowerPoint announcments, some songs, our Pastor's message with PowerPoint slides and then songs.   When we start, the slides look fine in OBS, then the song starts and we see the words, but when we transition from the song lyrics back to the PowerPoint slides, the NDI input on OBS is a black screen, then when the lyrics show up in EasyWorship, they show up in OBS (as do Bible verses), but again, once the PowerPoint starts up, OBS has a black screen.  Then for closing songs the lyrics show up.  So I know the NDI connection is ok   I've also ensured the Nvidia card is used for PowerPoint and EasyWorship.  We have no issues with what is projected into the auditorium, it's just the NDI feed to OBS.

We think we've figured it out.  When a song is done, the person running EasyWorship clicks on Clear to hide the last stanza of the song.  She then clicks on the PowerPoint deck, but since Clear is still enabled, it is covering (our guess) the PowerPoint.  She can't turn off clear because she's not on a song.  This is where I get a little hazy on how we fixed it as I'm not an EasyWorship user -- but it has to do with how she transitions to the next item in the schedule, ensuring Clear isn't "pressed".

What I normally do in situations like that is either leave the last slide of a song blank with no text so just the background appears on screen or place a blank image slide between the song and the powerpoint instead of using the clear button. I don't understand why EW is configured to not allow the user to unclear a slide if there is no text to it like that as it's counter productive.

Clear is grayed out because it doesn't affect PPT when it's live. If Clear is pressed before going live to a PPT, it doesn't matter, it won't clear the PPT from the screen. It just means that it will still be set to Clear when you go live to a song, scripture, or EW presentation after the PPT.

If you're having an issue with PPT over NDI, try the fix from Randy Michel in this forum post:

PowerPoint displays black on NDI stream : EasyWorship 

We don't have a problem with PowerPoint it works fine, unless the Clear button is on when the person running EasyWorship transitions to PPT from a song (and when PPT is displayed, we can't change the clear button).  Our solution, like mentioned above, is to add a blank "slide" in the song at the end so we get the effect of Clear without using the the clear button.

OK, that's interesting. 

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